Timberhill Cemetery Association

(Mapleton Cemetery and Norway -Highway 65 Cemetery)

A  Corporation sanctioned with  Kansas Secretary of State

December 7, 2001 and in good standing.


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Mapleton Cemetery decorated for Memorial Day 2016

Many youth and oldsters put out flags for the Veterans in memory for memorial day.  This has been a practice for many years and all participants seem to enjoy it!  Thank you Veterans who have served for us !!  Thank you volunteers for showing  you care!

The Northway Family has taken out several of the older memorial stones and replaced with new stones.  What a nice improvement!

Northway Cemetery is a Timberhill County Cemetery.  It is located on Highway  65 about 3 miles west out of Mapleton!

Josie Murrow has been working with for the past couple years cataloging the cemetery.  Thank you for all your help Josie!!

Also this year New Lights were put on the flag poles!  Take note when you go by at night!!


Bill Danley

August 31, 1918 - January 30, 2013

Fort Scott Tribune

Bill Danley, 94, of Fort Scott, died Sunday evening, Jan. 27, 2013, at the Kansas City Hospice House, Kansas City, Mo. He was born Aug. 31, 1918, in Mapleton, Kan., the son of James Walter and Emily Francis (Chewning) Danley. He married Marie Mary Faulhaber February 6, 1940 in Iola, Kan. She preceded him in death Jan. 4, 2011.


Bill was the biggest friend to the Mapleton Cemetery (Timberhill Township Cemetery).  Several years ago, he set up the perpetual funding for the cemetery.  Bill . . . You will never know how much we appreciate all you did!!!


Picture of the Year -     "Standing Guard"

Picture taken at the National Cemetery in Minneapolis , MN on a June morning  as it appeared in the Minneapolis Star/Tribune.  Talk about a picture being worth a thousand words! It says everything.

This could become an official Memorial Day, 4th of July and/or Veterans Day remembrance photo;  “Our symbol standing guard”.

Mark Lee Scharenberg

April 16, 1952 - August 2, 2011

Mark held office in the Timberhill Township for better than twenty five years.  Mark will be Missed!!!.


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This Association has been established so that our Cemeteries in Timberhill will always have extra funds to repair and maintain.  The idea is that anyone who wants to add money to this fund (tax exempt),  is guaranteed that none of the original monies is spent and only the interest earned can be used by the Timberhill Township Cemetery board.  This board is elected by the Timberhill Township people.  Records will be kept on these funds and be available at all times!

This fund was set up by Bill Danley.  So far this Association has collected $23,457.26  which is in a money market earning 2.0% interest.  We have earned $2,883.17 in interest.  This is not much but it is the best we can do in this economy! Of this interest money we have spent $1994.00 for clearing out dead trees and on the fence and Flags. We still have about $1354.17 for other improvements probably next year!  The starting money and any other added monies will be re invested in a money market and will again be working for us.  This will go on to the end of time!!  A perpetual way to fund the cemetery maintenance.

In 2009 we got a new flag pole and Flag!! Then we removed the dying trees in the front of the cemetery and ground down the stumps to  replace them with a white fence. 

In 2010 we Placed Flags at the Veterans Grave site and two benches were placed at the Flag pole.

This was done in 2009.  Click Here       Click here for improvements made in 2010

The money will be spent on stones straightened, stones replaced, lettering replaced, new trees planted, old trees removed, Flag & Pole, etc, etc.  We can not foresee what all the money will be needed for.

Over Memorial weekend 2009 -  $ 250.00 was collected from sales of Catalogs and DVD  


This year a PVC pipe was placed at each known Veterans Grave Site and flags will be placed on Patriotic holidays. 

 Kathy Cozier,   Grace Myers and   Mary Benbrook!!

Then just this last month we heard from a Karen Sue Johnson-Heber.  Her and her husband go around the country and help cemeteries get organized.  She is doing a wonderful service and has taken photos of all the stones in the cemetery and is now pulling the data together into a data base.  This information will be a lot of help to all of us!  Thank you!

Karen Sue Johnson-Heber

Acworth, GA  30102

Her  grandparents and great grandmother are buried in Mapleton Cemetery.

They are Harold D Smith, Lucy Lee Smith, Leona Findla.  Some of you may know her or her family.  Be sure and let her know how much we appreciate all her and her husbands work.  See there are really some good people out there!!

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If you want to support this association with any amount of money or any ideas or questions please contact:

Dave Scharenberg  620-743-3721


 Dan or Jan Laughlin  620-743-3441

E-Mail click here

All Help is Greatly Appreciated!!

A Perpetual Source of funds

A nonprofit Corporation sanctioned with  Kansas Secretary of State December 7, 2001.

A source of funds for our descendants  to maintain and improve the cemetery.

As people become more prideful of our cemetery, they also will add to the funds and make this a beautiful resting place!!

Let's show our Pride!!!

Updated 10-22-2014


Anyone that Knows any Veterans Buried in the Mapleton Cemetery

Please Contact 620-743-3441 or 620-743-3721

We are putting up flags for the Vets and want to include them all!

E-Mail   Click Here

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