Nancy J. Dixon

Known for the Original Nannie

I met Nancy quite by accident through working with older pictures of Mapleton,  Kansas. We also work with the Mapleton Timberhill Cemetery and she wrote via         E-mail to ask about some of her relation. 

I found her to be so interesting that I wanted to share some of her with others.  She is really a quite remarkable lady. 

She first sent us a older picture of a Mapleton Parade and this is such a small world that we were able to figure out who the people in the parade were.  That tickled us both. 

Then we discovered that she had a family in Chanute, Kansas and so do we.  This really is a small world.  Next Nancy sent me one of her wonderful Nannie's.  Here is a picture of the first Nannie.  I had her placed in a frame for safe keeping.

Shortly after this she sent me this Guy Nannie to accompany the first Nannie.  She wrote this poem with it.

A Nannie without her Pappie

A Nammie without her Pappie

 is a sad sight indeed!! 

I'm sending him to her "quickly"

 so please take heed!

 Put these two together,

that's the way they want to be!!

She will appear much happier,

 just you wait and see!


Well I wrote her back that I hadn't had time to put the two together, and she wrote back this little poem.

The Courtship

They must have a courtship JUST think of the shame,

If they met and were immediately put in a FRAME !

For that is there home there dwelling their PLACE   

THEY must have a courtship before   they share space!!!  

Following the courtship a NANNIE wedding DAY  

Respectful NANNIES would want it that WAY!!!!  

SO begin the courtship and wish them BOTH WELL.   



I got so tickled when I saw this and thought it so right!!  I still do not have Nannie and Pappie together but will soon!!

If you can not do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be to late!!

"Goodness is the only investment which never  fails!"

Be Kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle!


Be Kind!!

Kindness gives birth to kindness

Pass it on! 


In the mean time today in the mail I received another Nannie.   This one is such a beauty also, but her story is quite different.   You see we first met over the Cemetery, and so this Nannies story  is so good.  Just before we got this Nannie, the outhouse was removed, never to return! 

The Poem goes this way:


Mapleton Cemetery Toilet

I've saved a piece of History, This vent and bit of wood

They served a special purpose, when the toilet proudly stood!

Though now it is leaning, weathered beyond repair. There were times we all used it, and was glad that it was there.

Please keep this bit of history, though just a tiny part, of special moments and visits that remain in our heart.

We'd visit in the cemetery with folks we were glad to see. Then someone would softly whisper "I really have to pee."

That toilet was a lifesaver and so proudly "she" stood! And now all that remains is this vent and bit of wood.

I found it laying rusted beside the toilet door, now just a weathered memory not used anymore.

So keep this bit of history, though just a tiny part, of special moments and visits that remain in our HEART!


Now today I received a closing for the Mapleton Cemetery Outhouse!  Please bow your head!!


Outhouse Demise

Was there a proper burial was there even a prayer?

Was there a visitation was anybody there?

Was there notice of the demise did the paper report the news? 

Was the burial a PERFECT SPOT that we all would chose?

will there be a granite marker will the dates properly reflect, 

 the time that she was BORN and the time that she LEFT.

AND if there is a MARKER will it be at her HEAD or FOOT instead? 

AND what would it say about a toilet that is DEAD.

So unique a situation I’ve never come across 


BUT since “SHE” was among us and we all knew her WELL

Let’s celebrate her burial and DO IT WITHOUT FAIL!

If a marker is appropriate this is what it might say: 


SHE was a loyal servant but she weakened and decayed.

She saved us and relieved us and now we place her in the GROUND

WE DEFINITELY NEEDED her when she was here


Nancy J. Dixon

Don't you just love this lady!  She is a real Jewel!  Thanks to the Internet and Old Cemeteries we met!!

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